Welcome to my blog :oD

So, welcome to my writer’s blog. I know there isn’t much to it at the moment but I hope to expand the facilities of this blog as I become more acquainted with the WordPress software. I’m hoping to use this initially just as a way to get myself writing every day and hopefully later on to get regular commenters talking about writing related problems, helping each other out with ideas and overcoming the worst disease to affect a writer… writer’s block.

At the moment I have several short stories on the boil, several of which have ground to a halt and have been in limbo for several years. One of them I started about three years ago with the hope of finishing it “by Christmas” and several Christmasses have passed since starting it.

So my challenge for now is to finish this as yet untitled short story (which is about Christmas and also features a ghost) by 24/12/10. Watch this space.


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