Book Review: Sword Song by Bernard Cornwell

Book 4 of The Saxon Stories

The major plot to this novel is the abduction of Alfred’s daughter, Aethelflaed and Uhtred is given the task of rescuing her. There is more intrigue, more historical development and the attempts to capture London into the kingdom of Wessex, a city being fought over by the Mercians, the Danes and by Alfred’s Wessex.

In some ways this is the weakest of the four novels despite the historical events it deals with and the inclusion of one of the English history’s most fascinating women just as she is about to take her place in shaping the country’s destiny.

Uhtred is now commander of a Burh, married and with a second child on the way and we are two years after ‘Lords of the North’. This is a good addition to the series but I’m starting to get to the point where I want the series to begin the process of wrapping up now.


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