Book Review: Revelation by C.J. Sansom

Book 4 in the “Shardlake” series

It is 1543 and King Henry VIII is wooing Katherine Parr (his final wife) and the Protestants are keenly hoping for a positive outcome.

Matthew Shardlake is investigating the case of a young boy locked in the Bedlam Asylum for the insane to prevent him being charged and executed for his heretical words when his attention is directed elsewhere. An old friend is murdered and it soons become apparent that there is a killer roaming the streets of London looking to fulfill prophecies from The Book of Revelation.

As much as I love “Dissolution”, arguably “Revelation” is so far the best book in the series. Some of the niggling flaws from the previous two books (sometimes confusing) are ironed out and though this is not exactly a page-turner, it is the most intriguing since “Dissolution”.

C.J. Sansom just gets stronger and stronger. This book, possibly the longest in the Shardlake series so far, deals with a serial killer in Tudor England against the backdrop of Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine Parr. Complex yet easy to read, Sansom develops the relationship between his two main characters, Shardlake and Barak who make for an interesting double act. A must for anybody who has read the previous books in the series.



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