My favourite character – Post a Day #126

Though the question is “Who is the character from a book that has made you feel so close to him/her that you simply can’t stop thinking what’s gonna happen next?”, I’m going to change it slightly and talk about my favourite character and why I like them.

My favourite all time character is a 12 year old girl living as the ward of a university, believing that her parents had been killed when she was very young and that her primary carer is her uncle. She is tough and doesn’t take nonsense from anybody; she is intolerant of most adults and any attempt to control her. She is tomboyish and inquisitive and as a result, is always in trouble. This inquisitiveness however early on allows her to foil an assassination attempt.

Her name is Lyra Belacqa and she is the central character in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials.

So why do I like Lyra so much? Well, because despite her flaws she is highly intelligent and thoughtful. She is also incredibly brave and seemingly fearless in standing up for what is right. During the first book, tricks the usurper of the panserbjørne (who is a polar bear) having already told the usurped leader that she finds his self-pity and destructiveness to be a disappointment considering everything she had heard about the panserbjørne.

Despite going along with Lord Asriel’s plan, she doesn’t trust him and when summoned away from her journey by one of Asriel’s henchmen she proclaims “we ain’t going!”

Lyra is one of the most complex yet straightforward characters in fiction. Far from being the sort of girl who you might want to take care of, she would probably be top of your list in choosing allies for a fight.


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