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Site of the week: Free libraries

If you know of any good websites or run one yourself, feel free to recommend it. I cannot promise to look at all of them but if I find your site suitable for my weekly feature then I will do my utmost to accommodate it. In return I might merely ask that you link to my blog. But please (and I mean this in the politest possible terms) do not ask me to advertise your commercial service.

Research can sometimes be necessary when writing fiction and essential for non-fiction. It can be pretty expensive and time consuming to request non-standard books from your local library and if yours is anything like the average UK town/city library then it is going to lack specialised resources. Local study libraries, county records offices in some cases may prove useful and if you don’t want to try your luck with wikipedia you may wish to try some of these 100 free resources from the world’s top universities. These are not the only free resources available so it is worth surfing the web.

Increasingly, records offices and libraries are putting their collections on-line and opening up for public consumption. Google Scholar is an excellent search engine through which to discover subjects of interest, research papers, citations and in many cases, open source academic articles.


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