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Site of the week: Whichbook

If you know of any good websites or run one yourself, feel free to recommend it. I cannot promise to look at all of them but if I find your site suitable for my weekly feature then I will do my utmost to accommodate it. In return I might merely ask that you link to my blog. But please (and I mean this in the politest possible terms) do not ask me to advertise your commercial service.

Whichbook is the sort of website I might need to discover new reading material if I ever run out (and that is never going to happen). Do you know what themes you like but want to look for something out of your comfort zone? No problem because this website has a number of sliders where you choose whether you prefer a happy or sad tone, lots of sex or no sex, expected or unpredictable, level of violence and various other attributes.

Alternatively, you can choose by characters, plot and setting. For example if you specifically wanted to read something set in France or only wanted to trawl through science fiction or books about women, you choose those attributes.

Once you are happy with that, click “GO” and on the right hand side is a list of suggestions.



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