Book Review: The Lost World and Other Stories by Arthur Conan Doyle

This is an interesting collection of novels and short stories featuring Conan Doyle’s infamous Professor G.E. Challenger.

I had always wanted to read “The Lost World” having loved thsoe sorts of films as a child and I’m pleased to say the novel did not disappoint.

The Poision Belt, though interesting, I found a little predictable. I could see the end coming a mile off but that doesn’t detract from what was a fascinating story.

I wasn’t entirely enamoured by The Land of Mist. I found it a but too long, and that it dragged in places. Neverthless I stuck it out but I do feel it was the weakest of the collection.

The two short stories were interesting, with my favourite being “The Disintergration Machine”, showing Challenger at his most ruthless and compassionate at the same time.

A story for our ecologically aware time, When The World Screamed tells a tale of discovery that our planet itself is a living, breathing organism. For those of you who are fans of classic Doctor Who, particularly the Pertwee era, you might find it similar to “Inferno”.

Overall this is an excellent collection of Conan Doyle’s scifi work.


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