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Site of the Week: VisuWords

If you know of any good websites or run one yourself, feel free to recommend it. I cannot promise to look at all of them but if I find your site suitable for my weekly feature then I will do my utmost to accommodate it. In return I might merely ask that you link to my blog. But please (and I mean this in the politest possible terms) do not ask me to advertise your commercial service.

VisuWords is quite a bizarre little tool at first glance but after playing with it for about an hour the other night, I sort of get what it is trying to do and now I find it quite a lot of fun! An excellent educational tool that teaches you about word relationships. Sort of like a thesaurus, dictionary and word association tool all rolled into one.

Just enter a word on the top bar. After a few seconds, a neat little graphic of nodes appears and they are all linked to the main word at the centre of the chart. The relationship of each of these nodes to the word is explained in the key on the left hand side. Each relationship is defined as an antonym or synonym, whether it is a verb, noun, adverb or adjective, relationships and meanings.

Have a play around with it and see what you think!


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