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Site of the Week: WEBook

If you know of any useful websites or perhaps run one yourself, feel free to recommend it. If I find your site suitable for my weekly feature then I will do my utmost to accommodate it. In return I might merely ask that you link to my blog. But please (and I mean this in the politest possible terms) do not ask me to advertise your commercial service.

You have finished that novel after X number of years. You’ve edited, re-edited, removed the typos, corrected the bad grammar and spelling mistakes, checked you know the difference between “fewer” and “less”, made sure that each instance of “there”, “their” and “they’re” are correct and correct use of “that” and “which” and every “loose”/”lose” typo. You’ve polished it to perfection and now you finally have the courage and want to do something with it.

You want to get feedback on your work, get in touch with agents who might see that awesome talent that you have and hopefully offer you a contract.

If you’re feeling brave enough then you are probably about ready to sign up with WEBook, a place to meet likeminded writers, receive hints and tips from them and network with agents and publishers. You can also submit the first page of your novel and get opinions from other members.

This goes beyond being a mere community and may be worth seriously considering if you want to get yourself noticed.


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