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The end of the headline experiment

You may remember at the end of August that I posted an article about misleading headlines and I said I would analyse the results at the end of the year to see if I got an increased hit rate. I have now removed the names of the actresses involved and changed the title (to Effective Use of Post Titles) so that I no longer get hits from people searching for such a non-existent video.

In the space of around six weeks, the post in question acquired four times as many hits as its nearest rival, a book review of John Wyndham’s Web I posted at the end of March. Obviously, I do not count the home page.

This is the print screen as at time of posting:

Top posts
Top posts for procrastin8or's blog as at 15/10/11

Next, the most common search terms to reach my blog:

Search terms used to reach this blog

Not quite as overwhelming as I thought it would be but my point is proven quite clearly. Titles are designed to draw in attention from as wide and as far as possible. Minimum effort for maximum results. Yet, and this is a point that must be noted, quantity does not equal quality. Bloggers who use this to lure people in may get a lot of hits but won’t get much in the way of quality feedback. Mislead your potential market at your peril!


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