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China Mieville on Lit/Sci Fi divide

Another interesting article in The Guardian’s Books section or if you prefer to view the mobile site click here.

Mieville seems like an intelligent guy and I’ve heard a lot of good about his work. I’ve not read any of yet but I do have one on my “to read” list.

Is he right? Is the true reason that liter-ar-y awards ignore sci fi is because it is actually a genre award that looks for quality prose on the familiar? If so, as the article comments, you just wish they were honest about it.

Its an intriguing idea and one I might like to explore in future once I’ve swotted up on Booker nominees and winners over the years.


2 thoughts on “China Mieville on Lit/Sci Fi divide

  1. Ug – articles like that make my head hurt. I understand why folks get upset about the whole thing, but at some point they just have to get over it – both sides. Sci/fi folks will just have to understand that we are fringe (though, we’re not, really), and the literary folks have to get off their high horse. But I don’t think that’ll happen any time soon…

    1. No, me neither. If I go my whole writing career without a Booker/Whitbread nomination I can’t see that I would be too upset about it. My only beef is that I wish the literary awards would be a bit more honest about what they are looking for.

      Last night I went to see Terry Pratchett in London. Interestingly, one of the questions he was asked was whether he felt that he had been “shunned” by the literary community. He said that he simply did not care, that he sells a lot of books and gets paid a lot of money to do something he loves. Nothing else matters.

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