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All Hallow’s Read

All Hallow’s Read is a simple idea started by Neil Gaiman for people to give a gift of a scary book at Halloween. That’s it. Doesn’t matter how you do it or whom you give it to (or even how many people) but one neat suggestion is to attach a sticker advertising All Hallow’s Read to a scary book and leave it somewhere it might get picked up.

I can’t bear to be parted from my dear Zombie Apocalypse! and I’m still reading The Passage so I’m holding onto those for now. But I will get into the spirit of the occasion by pushing my horror stories at Elfwood to my readers (this time last year the blog was two weeks old and I had no subscribers, now I have nine!). So anyway. my horror dabblings are:

In Evil Begets Evil, Sister Marcella is a young nun with a dark secret.

In Tartarus, a group of hikers on another planet stumble across a strange device.

Or if they have too many words, you may want to try my untitled flash fiction short story as part of the Post A Day series.

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