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Thoughts on “The Passage”

This is not a review. I’m expecting to finish this book in the next few days and I will publish a full review then. I’m also piecing together an essay on vampires in fiction. Both should be up by this time next week. I’ve been itching to write about this book while I am still reading it though; something is niggling me to comment on it.

That’s the sort of book that it is. There is something about it that really gets under the skin, a haunting presence throughout that constantly hints that something is about to go horribly wrong. It is long (over 900 pages) and generally quite slow paced so the sense of foreboding is integrated into the style. When something does happen it becomes a real page-turner.

Comparisons with King’s The Stand and McCarthy’s The Road were inevitable. But it is more character driven than The Stand and more eventful than The Road and not as bleak. Fans of either will no doubt like this.

Because it is literary, there is undoubtedly a lot of metaphor and I have found the need to stop at times to ponder what I have just read.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on “The Passage”

    1. I think The Passage is fast becoming one of my favourite scifi-horror novels. The review is in progress even though I’ve not finished reading the book yet.

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