Site of the Week: Project Gutenberg

Welcome to the first Site of the Week of 2012. I hope this year’s selection will be as useful to you as last year’s.

If, like me, you are a bookaholic and got a Kindle for Christmas, you might spend lots of money downloading bargain or favourite titles. Or if, like me, you are a still stuck in “cheapskate student” mode you might want to fill your reader with lots of out of copyright titles that are free to download and distribute.

A little while ago I featured a site called Full Text Archive that had a large selection of ebooks in pdf and txt format.

Project Gutenberg goes one step further. It has a wider selection of books (there was several titles I couldn’t find at FTA for example). They take moments to download, you don’t have to register and there is no download limit. Users are invited to make a donation so the site can expand.

What is really impressive is that they are not limited to pdf files. You can download each book in a number of different formats (tailored to Kindle or Kobo, pdf or txt).

It also has selections of recent work such as short stories by Philip K. Dick that are copyright free.

Due to differences in national laws, please ensure that you check the copyright status of particular books in your country before downloading them.


2 thoughts on “Site of the Week: Project Gutenberg

  1. OMGonads, I just saw a book I want: Legends and Romances of Spain. Perfect! 😀

    1. mgm75

      Glad I could be of service once more! I’ve downloaded about half a dozen short stories by Philip K. Dick from that site. There’s plenty of stuff on there

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