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The debate continues…ebooks and traditional publishers

Publishers need not be concerned about ebooks according to this industry insider. For those who like to surf small scale here is the mobile link.

I think it is going to take all year – if not longer – for this state of affairs to find some sort of mutually beneficial direction. I’m glad that publishers are taking stock of the issue in a positive manner. All too often big companies do one of two things:

* Thinking themselves too large or important to go out of business, they whine about the situation while doing nothing to halt their demise (or worse, pretend it isn’t happening)
* Use underhand tactics to limit or sabotage the new developments in the industry, leading to stagnation in which they have a monopoly but are still losing money

I think we are going to be talking about this for a long time.


2 thoughts on “The debate continues…ebooks and traditional publishers

  1. I think that’s a great article. I think that publisher has hit the nail on the head – things are rapidly changing and the only thing publishers can do at the moment is try to create value for both the readers and writers – how ever that may ended up being. I envision each of their deals can potentially be drastically different depending on the perceived value – for writer or reader. I guess we’ll just have to see how it all pans out.

    1. Absolutely, it is very much a make or break time for traditional publishers. Though I think there will always be a place for them, if they don’t wise up to the changing world they are going to be limited in future to niche markets such as academic literature

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