Amanda Hocking: An epublishing success story

Of course I’d heard of her and knew why she was famous but I’d not really heard her story until now.

She has put in a lot of hard graft and with 17 completed and (then unpublished) novels on her hard disk, clearly she is not a quitter. I think she is an inspiration to anybody who has ever tried to get published. I wish her all the best and hope that some of her luck rubs off on me.

Do I feel she has revolutionised publishing? Possibly, but arguably it was inevitable and she just happened to be the right person in the right place at the right time. Before Hocking, online fiction was mostly for hobbyists or for those wishing to build experience before taking the plunge into “real” writing. I signed up for Elfwood in 2000 and the only other major site back then was (I think started about then as well). I never got into fanfic though I did write about three or four pieces in the space of about six months and then decided it wasn’t for me.

Since Hocking, there has been a veritable explosion of digital access to publishing from the likes of page99test, WEBook, and the resurrection of subscription publishing for the 21st century at Unbound, it is being taken seriously at last. For the next few weeks, my Site of the Week will feature some of these options for digital publishing.


5 thoughts on “Amanda Hocking: An epublishing success story

  1. I found out about this recently too. It’s made me wish, yet again, that I had had the same idea a little earlier. I was thinking of putting some short stories in the Apple app store but wasn’t too keen on just e-book publishing til I read about this. Oh well…. I am now trying to be prolific like a maniac.

    1. mgm75

      I have been thinking about compiling an anthology of my short stories (currently available free on Elfwood and Redroom) and selling them as an ebook. I’m currently in the process of writing a blog post about it. Should go up sometime tomorrow I hope so keep your eyes peeled!

      1. Will do! I published an anthology a while ago. I went the physical route with Lulu but it came out in kindle form too, which was great apart from the auto-formatting job could have been done better by a parapelegic turkey. Fixed that and it’s ok now.

      2. mgm75

        Ah ok. my next upcoming “site of the week” is I would appreciate your feedback when the post goes up on Monday.

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