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And so my collection of site of the week dedicated to getting published begins with the print on demand method. The idea is simple, you upload your book to the site and print as many as you need whether that be for individual sales or contracts with retailers. lulu will store your book and print as many as you require, whenever you require. There is also the option of selling through the lulu marketplace and purchasing a package of services to edit or market your work.

If you want a wider distribution in the tradition of publishing houses then they have such an option to set your book up with an isbn and market through the regular methods. There are a number of packages for doing this and authors are advised to read through carefully. It seems a pretty flexible service for anybody wanting to publish and sell traditional paper based books. Oh and the author keeps 80% of the profits.


3 thoughts on “Site of the Week:

  1. It is pretty straightforward but you have to think about your needs and situation. If you live in America, England, Australia or New Zealand then it’s good. Anywhere else and postage will cost you a bomb. I used Lulu to publish my first book when I was in England and it was fine. So I decided to use them again for this new book I’ve published (‘Better Off Dead’ *plug*plug* YA urban fantasy/comedy) but I have since moved to Japan and it’s been so expensive buying copies. So much so, I’ve decided to wait out the 6 weeks for it to appear on Amazon so I can get free delivery from there!

    Also, they do a crap job of the ebook version. They are kind enough to automatically make one, and luckily you can download it and edit it yourself once it’s on Amazon, but after so long getting my print version perfectly laid out, I was horrified when I discovered that the kindle version was just a text dump. There was no spacing between paragraphs, indents had vanished, page breaks were ignored. Horrible.

    However, that’s the nitpicky stuff. They do everything great. It is so easy to set up a book. You just have to be very careful in formatting your file. Make sure you check the preview after you upload it because sometimes random changes occur and they WILL show up in your print. Also, if you upload your own book cover, you have to make sure the ISBN is place at the right size and for some reason the image sizes are randomly shifted. So check check check! Lulu will only give you one free copy to review and after that you have to pay!

    All that said, it is very simple and for NO MONEY your book will appear on Amazon and other major online stores and that is all you really need. Some people have had worse experiences with them, but honestly i don’t know what they are whining about. Some random errors I think. I would definitely recommend them, but personally, at the moment, paper copies are too much hassle and I’m going purely e-book from here on until I change my mind!

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