eBook Review: Dear Coca Cola by Terry Ravenscroft

Terry Ravenscroft likes to write letters of complaint ansd praise to businesses about their products. He is a bored retiree with a sharp sense of humour and in Dear Coca Cola he has taken on the persona of a daft fanatic / complainant about a variety of well-known products.

In each case he takes a product (in the first case Coca Cola) and sends the producers a letter. The letters are one of three things: a query, a complaint or praise. Sometimes they are silly from the beginning and others get increasingly daft depending on how many responses he gets. So long as he gets a response, he will continue to write back often with hilarious consequences.

Nobody is safe from his target sights and often the jokes write themselves. It is also quite revealing the lack of interest some big companies take in receiving consumer feedback (letters of praise receiving a standard “we are sorry you were unhappy with one of our products” response). This sort of book is never going to win any comedy awards but it is the sort of thing you want on your kindle for light holiday reading or to dip in and out of when the mood takes you.

Note: This is a Kindle only release. Terry Ravenscroft has a similar ebook entitled Dear Air 2000 in which he writes to well-known airlines.


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