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Site of the Week: Page99Test

You have a complete novel. You’re not quite sure it is ready to go out into the big wide world yet. But you are curious enough to put a tiny snippet up to get a reaction. With Page99Test you can feedback on that tiny portion of your work. And because it is only a single page, members do not have to commit to a huge amount of time giving you direction.It can be argued that a single page cannot give the depth that your novel might have. For example, your book might be an action packed page turner and page 99 describes your protagonist getting in late at night, having a shower and a cup of cocoa before going to sleep. That one page may be completely atypical of the rest of the work. But I guess that is the chance you will take in this situation and besides, I think I would want a critique of a single page to be more about flow, grammar, spelling etc than a commentary on the plot and whether they are interested to know more. Nevertheless I like the idea.


2 thoughts on “Site of the Week: Page99Test

  1. Very interesting idea. Sort of like the Page 69 test, but this gives you a venue to do that one-page critique thing. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!

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