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RIP John Christopher (Samuel Youd)

Samuel Youd, better known to science fiction fans as John Christopher, author of The Tripods, died on Friday night aged 89.

He is one of the classic sci fi writers I have never read. Like so many others I have always intended to read The Tripods trilogy after enjoying the tv adaptation in the 1980s which, unfortunately, was never completed. Series one and two were broadcast, series three though commissioned and scripted, never went into production. Doctor Who fans of the era will remember that this was a time when the BBC started to shun the science fiction genre and began a slow process of euthenasia for everybody’s favourite Timelord.

For people of my age, it was the other highlight of Saturday afternoons where we would watch in horror as the insidious tripods moved silently across the landscape not really doing much. And that was what was so terrifying we didn’t know why they were here and yet their power was clear: humanity lived in a state of medieval technology, “capped” with a mind control device at age 14. When our protagonists journey to the white mountains ended, we saw the resistance settlement there in flames.

For a full obituary go here (alternatively here is the mobile link)


6 thoughts on “RIP John Christopher (Samuel Youd)

  1. Wow. I remember that now. I definitely saw it. Scared the crap out of me, just like the Doctor Who theme. Sylvester McCoy was my first Doctor but I don’t really remember it well. I was running in fear most of the time. There was an episode with cat people… Anyway, I get distracted. He’s another great author I never read either.

  2. The Tripod books are great for younger readers…. They scared the crap out of me!

    Some of his other works such as No Blade of Grass (1957) (also adapted into a movie) is almost a great classic. It’s a shame he’s only known for The Tripod series which he wrote quite late in life.

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