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Arc 1.1 – first impressions

On my way to work this morning, I was listening to Radio 4 (as you do) and Simon Ings, the editor of the new magazine Arc was on to discuss the publication. Despite that he did not say anything I hadn’t heard / read before I made a mental note to give it a serious think.

When I got home from work I noticed that my hit rate on this blog for the last few days has been higher than in recent weeks and the Google search terms that brought people here were overwhelmingly about arc 1.1. Encouraged by this I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it.I will give a more thorough review over the weekend but my first impression is that it is well worth the £5. There is a lot of content. Essays, short stories and topical discussions from some of the biggest names in sci fi right now: Alastair Reynolds, Margaret Atwood, China Miéville, Stephen Baxter, Adam Roberts all sharing their visions of the future. This isn’t about the gadgets of tomorrow, it is about how we will live tomorrow in the aftermath of the banking crisis, terrorism, climate change and the emerging economic powers. This is futurism and speculation on the world of tomorrow. I’m particularly looking forward to reading Adam Roberts’ essay “Three surprising theories about science fiction”.

I’m sorry I can’t be more specific right now but if you are in any doubt whether this will appeal, chances are you will not be disappointed. Keep reading for a more thorough summary in the next few days.


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