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Site of the Week: Librivox

Do you know somebody who has never read a book? Know somebody who would like to read but neither has the time nor the patience? Are you that person? One of the options to nag / encourage that person is to introduce them to audio books. On CD these can be pretty expensive.

Another option is to encourage them to visit a site like Librivox. It is a database of public domain and out of copyright work that you can download for free. The non-reader in your life has no excuse and if they listen to music on the way to work or on their mp3 player throughout the day they can swot up on the classics without costing them a penny.The best thing about Librivox though is that it is made up of people like you. Anybody can do it so if you are passionate about books and want to spare some time committing your voice to your favourite book(s), just sign up. Volunteers tirelessly spend hours recording public domain works and uploading them to the site. So if you’re a Londoner who doesn’t want to listen to War and Peace in a Geordie accent, there are many different versions for you to download.


3 thoughts on “Site of the Week: Librivox

  1. Thanks for the site recommendation! Gotta love these community-driven projects.

    I wish I were a better auditory learner (I’m far more visual) so that I can enjoy audio books more often, but every once in awhile, I can focus on a book being read.

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