Site of the Week: Daily Science Fiction

You might be a writer or you might be an avid reader wanting to discover good quality sci fi from new writers desperate to break into the market. There are many resources out there so how would you know where to look? ezines are usually a good bet and though some are sparse and not very well produced, Daily Science Fiction seems to be on the up.

On the website, you can read fiction for free. Alternatively, you can buy a monthly anthology for your Kindle at around £2 / $3USD. They have released five to date and each volume contains about ten stories.

They have strict guidelines about submission so make sure you read around the site first, get a feel for the fiction before you submit your own work.


2 thoughts on “Site of the Week: Daily Science Fiction

  1. I haven’t submitted to these guys yet (or maybe I have and got rejected, can’t remember), but I do get their daily stories and some are really quite good. I don’t think my stuff is up to their standard, but maybe some day.

    Good reads, though.

    1. mgm75

      Thanks for your comment. I’ll check it out sometime. I need the inspiration to write at the moment

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