Site of the Week: Evernote

It is not always easy researching and saving stuff for later perusal. It is sometimes difficult if you are struck with inspiration when you only have your mobile phone with you. And what if you have bits of everything everywhere all over your laptop? What if you could all of your notes and snippets in one place and have ready access to it on your phone. There may be a solution to these unscheduled inspiration attacks in Evernote, a cloud-based mobile-desktop software package. It could be a useful research tool for writers or a virtual notebook for different types of media.

The software has an easy to use interface where you can grab snippets or entire web pages, video clips, photographs and type up research notes. Group research projects and collaboration is straightforward too as you can sync with multiple people on several devices all sharing the same account. Cloud technology makes group projects easier.

It is available on ios, Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry. The information is saved to the Cloud so anything saved to your smartphone can be viewed later on your laptop without having to email it to yourself in an email – this is usually fine for text but video, images and web pages? Forget it.

At first glance (and I’ve only been using it for a couple of days) it seems to be a freeware version of OneNote from MS Office but with the added bonus of easy sharing across devices with information saved in the Cloud.

4 thoughts on “Site of the Week: Evernote

  1. I downloaded this app a long time ago, but I am such a disorganized person I could not understand how to use it. I just couldn’t comprehend it at all! But I have recently been struggling with it and now I have discovered the tag feature I can start to get my head around it.

    I can see how it is useful. Normally when I write I just make notes at the end of the document that I can refer to as I go along, but now I’m putting all my notes in Evernote. It’s handy to snap photos of stuff as I am out and about too, but primarily I just write word notes.

    1. lol. Mine do too and I’ve found it impracticle to have lots of word documents with barely nothing in cluttering up my folders

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