Personal update 14/3/12

I realise it has been a long time since I’ve discussed my own fiction work in progress. That’s because it has been a long time since I’ve written anything. I’m going through a bit of a transitional phase at the moment, looking for a new job related to my GIS study.

But things are settling down and I’m slowly working up the motivation to write something again. My steampunk novel in progress has inched forward… and at this stage it needs to be leaping and bounding as if it has a piece of coal up its arse. I’m also working through trying to find a suitable prompt site to write flash fiction. I posted a couple here last year and enjoyed the challenge so I need to get into it and make myself do it.

Expect to see some developments through the spring but at the moment, I hope you are enjoying the discussion pieces and essay style posts.

– Procrastin8or

4 thoughts on “Personal update 14/3/12

  1. Sounds good. i’m hoping to get more of mine done now the students have graduated. If you need a beta reader, let me know!

  2. Sometimes life does it in the way of writing, doesn’t it? I hope you find a job soon so you can concentrate on creating.

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