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Site of the Week: Language is a virus

I mentioned a little while ago that aside from other things, I was having trouble finding the motivation or time to write any fiction. I also mentioned that I was looking for good prompt and help websites for writers who come up against all sorts of problems such as writers block, stuck on character names and other intellecutal ailments that halt us in our tracks. Language is a virus is an interesting blog that is a collection of writing exercises, generators, hints and tips.

The most fascinating area of this blog is the word games section that really help to demonstrate the use of language in your writing and to get you to think about how you use words, sentence structure and grammar. The writing prompts are pretty complex and go beyond merely a handful of words for you to make sense of. There is much about the site that is tongue firmly planted in cheek but there is a serious art to language use and if you can brush aside the daftness, you might find some of the features a useful tool to develop your writing style and voice.

There is also a collection of short stories, poems, articles and discussion pieces.


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