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Site of the Week: RIM BlackBerry apps

Following on from last week’s Android special, I’ve decided to do a similar post for BlackBerry while the Curve 8520 that I traded in six weeks ago, and the apps that I used on it, is still fresh in my mind. If you have a BlackBerry and concerned about the future of the company, please don’t despair. It has a lot going for it and there are features and apps of my last phone that I sorely miss on my new phone. On a personal note I feel that if they can stop trying to compete with Android and Apple, they could have the tablet market cornered for professional users.

* Memopad. Much like Writer on Android, it is a useful note taking app that comes pre-loaded with the device. No frills, there is unfortunately no way of e-mailing files to an external email address or otherwise transferring them elsewhere.

BeamExplorer. For me, this was the must have app for BlackBerry. It allowed you to organise your files much as you can on a desktop or laptop computer. But the best bit is the MS Office emulator with free to use versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint that you can email to external addresses. I never had a problem opening these files in the full versions on my laptop.

* Kobo. There are a number of book readers available for BlackBerry and I think that Kobo is by far the best. As with Kindle on the Android, you do not have to have a book reader device to use the app, download free or paid ebooks. This was my introduction to ebooks and I read four or five free classics on here before purchasing my Kindle.

* WordPress. The nature of the physical keyboard of the BlackBerry I feel made it easier to blog on the Curve than on my Android. Though it lacks some of the jazzy features of the Android (and presumably the iPhone too), it did what I wanted it to do and I could schedule posts with ease, edit posts and most importantly – moderate comments. There were a couple of bugs but nothing I couldn’t handle. If you’re a WordPress blogger, this is an essential app and you’ll wonder how you coped without it.

Others you might like.

I never had these apps on my device but they might be of interest.

* Evernote. I never had it and I don’t recall ever seeing it on my BlackBerry so it must be a recent addition to appworld. And it is free.

* Dropbox. A Cloud app that allows you to share your files across all devices.


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