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Power to the geeks!

Hey you there, yes you. The fan boy/girl stopping by this blog. No, don’t run away, this won’t hurt I promise. I just need to tell you something.

I guess you feel a little out of place being a geek, no? Well yes, granted since David Tennant became The Doctor it has become cool to be a geek but that doesn’t mean that the stigma has completely gone away. You still have the reputation of having no social skills, somebody who could put a computer back together with your eyes closed but at the same time you apparently don’t know how to boil an egg. But I want to explain something to you: be proud of your inner fandom. I’ve never been a Trekkie though I enjoyed the recent film. You might be though and that is okay, honest, because you are special.

You want to know how you’re special? Well, believe it or not you are a powerful force to be reckoned with as far as the moneymen go. Seriously, they want to know what makes you tick because you are a lucrative resource for your humbleness, loyalty and spending power. As a fellow geek I know you won’t fall for any old crap they throw at you with a “sci fi” tag and insincerity about one’s geek credentials are met with as much mocking as those who express snobbery against speculative genres; I know you probably have discerning tastes and can smell a poor cash-in quicker than Captain Kirk can drop his trousers, but the wider world has a lot to learn from us. Celebrate your geekdom, you’re unique!

I agree with the sentiment of the article. No written fiction genre has the sense of community or common goal that exists in science fiction and fantasy. I don’t see Lindsey Davis fans flaming a fanboard for Ellis Peters arguing about who is the better writer and whether Falco could kick Cadfael’s arse in a fight. We are a proud and passionate group who will argue over the merits of certain books and films until our faces turn blue. Would people flock to a Martina Coles convention dressed as their favourite character? Do Sophie Kinsella fans spend thousands on merchandising? No!

Bow ties are cool, you can live long and prosper while saving the cheerleader from sparkly vampires and the force will be with you… always.


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