Sex scenes quiz – guess the gender

I did a feature on bad sex scenes (centring around the Bad Sex Awards) last year and when I eventually get around to writing one I intend to discuss the subject in greater detail. But for now, The Guardian has a fun quiz here where it provides a list of sex scenes and asks you to guess the gender of each writer.

Let’s have a little fun with this one, I’m inviting my subscribers to take the test and post their results!


7 thoughts on “Sex scenes quiz – guess the gender

      1. They were pretty bad. Some made me laugh, but others just had me thinking “WTF? How!?” 😉

        Oh, also, I’ve decided I’m not going to write a sex scene. It’ll just end up like those. I know those weren’t supposed to be that bad, but they came across as bad (when taken out of context like that).

      2. mgm75

        Lol, it certainly seems easy to mess up! I need to write one in the sequel to my complete novel so I can’t avoid it

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