Six Sentence Sunday – 30/9/12

Despite promising to get involved with this two weeks ago, I have abysmally failed to do so thus far (I totally forgot about last week). Here is a snippet from another of my current novels in progress. This is my steampunk introduction and it has so far undergone several rewrites as I haven’t been quite satisfied with most of what I have written so far. I do like this intro though. Tell me what you think. Continue reading

The Angels Take Manhattan – episode review & analysis

(…or Farewell to the Ponds)

Ah, ah, ah spoilers: Episode summary

It is 1930s Noo Yoik and a Gumshoe is called to take the case of a man who wants to talk about statues that he claims can move when you’re not looking at them. Amused, he takes the job anyway and promptly makes his way to an apartment block, the address given to him by his client. Cue lots of ominous shots of stone statues, including one of an angel covering its eyes outside the apartment block. Inside, the Gumshoe finds the building deserted except for strange stone angels that appear to follow him around. He enters one of the rooms in this apartment and discovers… himself as an old man. Then he is trapped by the angels in the corridor, escapes to the roof only to be confronted by the largest stone angel ever… Continue reading

Arc 1.3 released… sort of… and free for a limited time

Thanks to Vortex for giving me the heads up that Arcfinity 1.3 has been released today. Most intriguingly, not for Kindle (yet) and equally intriguingly, free for a limited time (until October 3rd).

Click here for the link to download for free.

For those of you who have been following my reviews and have any of the listed devices, this is your chance to see what this magazine and futurism is all about. I’m going to try to download a free edition onto my Android phone over the weekend and I will let you know what I think. Hopefully, the Kindle edition should be available soon enough.


Character Feature: Marcus Didius Falco

As I have only read ten of the approximately twenty books in this series, this character feature is likely to be a “part 1″ with a part 2 expected many years from now. Please don’t hold me to that though!

Appeared in: Lindsey Davis’ series of crime/mystery historical fiction with a good dose of humour. Radio adaptations voiced by Anton Lesser in several BBC radio adaptations. Continue reading

Reblogging: Arc 1.3 delay


Quick update… despite having an expected release date of September 24th (yesterday) it still has not been released into Kindle marketplace. I’ve trawled the internet looking for answers but New Scientist are remaining tight lipped. If anybody has any information, please feel free to comment.

Originally posted on Sweat, Tears and Digital Ink:

By my reckoning it is late.

Arc 1.1 was released on 15th Feb 2012.
Arc 1.2 was released on 24th May 2012.

It is a quarterly magazine so surely Arc 1.3 should be out by now? I have received no communication on this, there is nothing on the Arcfinity tumblr and I’ve not received a single update about upcoming content. The competition link is still on the tumblr page and that closed sometime in July.

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The Power of Three – episode review & analysis

Ah, ah, ah… SPOILERS: Episode Summary

At the episode start, Amy and Rory are summarising their two very different lives and deciding that they have to choose. This leads into “the time The Doctor came to stay”. Following the credits, Rory’s dad turns up to show the pair the weirdest phenomena – small black, flawless cubes everywhere. All over the planet these bizarre cubes are appearing and the newsclips show a selection of talking heads, including celebrity Astronomer Brian Cox. Continue reading

I write like…

After finding this nifty tool on another blog, I decided to check out which famous people I write like. I used several examples of my writing, copying and pasting the first couple of paragraphs from some of my edited short stories. Here are the results.

A New Age Exodus

I write like
Arthur Clarke

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

like Arthur C. Clarke but without the C apparently. Continue reading

Writing the seasons: Autumn

Autumn is the slow decline of the year toward the winter, a slow lingering death from the height of summer into the cold and dark. Yet autumn is far from miserable. I love the unexpected warm days. I love the colours of the season and the wind and rain feels quite energetic and powerful. It has always felt like a season of portents and omens, birds are flocking, deer are rutting, autumnal colour is everywhere.

So how do we write what autumn feels like?

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Finished entry for Arc 1.4 competition

So, I have now entered my first competition in 12 months. Last September, I submitted The Weight of Reason into the L. Ron Hubbard Writer’s of the Future competition. It was a big project, a story of which I am very proud because it took so much effort to complete not just my second story of the year, but what I feel is the best story I have written.

I didn’t win so I moved onward and upward and set myself goals for this year. The biggest of which, of course, is the intended ebook collection. I also wanted to start pursuing competitions for this year and now I have just entered the first of many. Continue reading

Voyager publishing calls for unpublished scifi manuscripts

Do you have a complete manuscript gathering proverbial dust on your hard disk? Is it complete but you have not quite got around to looking for an agent? How about this…

Voyager, the science fiction division of HarperCollins has called for submission of science fiction manuscripts of new authors currently without an agent. This is something they do every so often but perhaps now seeing the meteoric rise of self-publishing and the success of a handful of the self-published, they are opening up to new writers and new works. Continue reading