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Six Sentence Sunday – 30/9/12

Despite promising to get involved with this two weeks ago, I have abysmally failed to do so thus far (I totally forgot about last week). Here is a snippet from another of my current novels in progress. This is my steampunk introduction and it has so far undergone several rewrites as I haven’t been quite satisfied with most of what I have written so far. I do like this intro though. Tell me what you think.

From a distance, Vulcan City looked like a giant spider atop a dormant caldera hungrily locking eight legs around the rim, partly as if it were a prey on the verge of escape, partly claiming the burning mountain as its throne and partly clinging on for dear life as though one misplaced leg could send it toppling.

Inside the volcano, eight more legs clasp the rock adding the stability that isn’t obvious from the outside. All illusions of the city being an organic entity are dispelled as beneath the spider body, a mass of vents and pipes from a central core lead out in every direction. It is fuelled by steam created by the heat of the volcano on which it sets, a great hydraulic system pumps vapour around the city providing heat, light and power to the occupants.

The city feels vibrant and alive inside and out; ten thousand people call it home and a further three thousand travel in and out of its ports every day. It is the nucleus through which all the resources mined or produced across the small moon is channelled out and across the galaxy.

A very long six sentences admittedly…


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