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Banned Books Week: Language and Violence

Not so much about books being banned but yesterday I featured an article on the ALA list of banned or challenged books and the reasons were varied. In this similar article about complaints to libraries in the UK shows a far greater emphasis of complaints based on profanity in children’s books.

Other complaints centred around the glorification of violence in the popular educational series Horrible Histories. And of course in some of the older works, there are still concerns about racism, most notably Tintin.


4 thoughts on “Banned Books Week: Language and Violence

  1. Not just the profanities in children’s books – I’d be complaining about plot and characterisation too. These days the difference between a YA book and an adult book is that the YA book is worse!
    I read a few YA books and have been shocked by some. Philip Pullman allows a heroine to take opium to solve a mystery. Melvyn Burgess consistently has horrible plots – Bloodtide is set in the future and has a fourteen year old girl sold as a bride to cement an alliance between rival gangs, has her hamstrings cut to cripple her so she can’t stray. She changes place with a shapeshifting cat who in human form has sex with the heroine’s brother, thus introducing incest. How any child or young adult is supposed to make sense of that I don’t know.
    And it’s not the only one. Books are not censored.

      1. Never sure how I feel about censorship, but I always read the books my children were reading. That way at least I had some idea of what was inside their heads.

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