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Writers and the Piracy Debate

I know this is an issue that is never going to end but I am looking for people’s thoughts (specifically my blogging author buddies here) on the issue of unauthorised digital downloading (Piracy if you like). This article at The Guardian. It seems that the authors within the genre of science fiction are divided on this issue. Doctorow, Stross and Gaiman are not challenging or are actually embracing the dissemination of their work through these methods. Stross argued against DRM and had one publishing else remove it altogether.

I am with these guys on this one. Though I do not qualify as a successful writer (and hope to some day), I would see dissemination of my work as complimentary to its growing popularity. I used to sit on the fence where web piracy was concerned, wishing to be given a straight answer. Continue reading

Book Review: The Britannica Guide to Climate Change

Undeservedly, climate change is a political hot topic. Regular readers will know my views on this subject already. On my other blog 2012 And All That, I regularly post articles on denialist misinformation and also re-post articles from the likes of the superb bloggers at Skeptical Science and Watching The Deniers.

This is only the second book on the subject that I have reviewed. I feel I have read enough about the subject now that I probably shouldn’t have read this in such a linear fashion. For me, this would have worked best as a reference book, something to dip into from time to time or to hop around reading only the subjects that I feel needing clarifying in my mind. No wonder then, that it took me so long to get through it (I started it before Christmas). Continue reading

Origins of the English Language: An Introduction

I’ve had an idea for some time to write a couple of articles on the origin of English, specifically how it evolved out of Anglo-Saxon languages and how much influence north European pronunciation and words contributed to the language today – Viking to the rest of us. Continue reading

Unbound Live! – Winchester


Tonight I went to my first ever literature event at the Winchester Discovery Centre (event details here)

Though two of the attendees were missing (Tamasin Day-Lewis and Paul Kingsnorth – a shame because I’m intrigued at the sound of his book), it was a fun evening listening to the interesting and wacky offerings from some semi-famous and some not so famous names (the biggest name attendee was Katy Brand) Continue reading

“We are coming… We are coming… We are HERE!

Re-evaluating Torchwood: Children of Earth in view of my love for Miracle Day

copyright: bbc


I was having coffee with a fellow sci fi lover a couple of weeks ago and one of the things we talked about was our love of Torchwood. However, we had different favourite series. I professed deep love for Miracle Day whereas my friend preferred Children of Earth. We both agreed that this new format suited the show. Continue reading

Facebook Page now active

Ladies and Gentlemen, this blog now has an official Facebook Page.

It will of course, give you immediate updates when I post something new to the blog. I also expect a few extra features. The occasional “I saw this article and thought it was interesting” type stuff, book reviews from around the web. I will also be promoting blogs and articles by personal friends and some of the stuff posted by my lovely subscribers and blog buddies.

Through this page I hope to spread the word and promote my upcoming ebook. See you there!

Library Crisis – My Proposal

More doom and gloom in 2013 for the nation’s already threatened libraries as more cutbacks means that many more will have to close this year – and this is not good for the nation’s readers, for those who cannot afford to buy as prolifically as I do, for those who do not have specific tastes that libraries struggle to cater for (also like me) and for those indulging in personal research projects for which libraries are the most valuable resource.

Last year, my feelings was that we should do everything in our power to save our libraries. But now, I’m starting to be of a different opinion and I have a proposal for modernisation. Libraries need a new model – at least for their everyday stock. There will always be a market for reference and research libraries, county and national records offices for the researcher but for everyday use, libraries cannot compete with the changing ways in which we read. Continue reading

Stage Review: The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black – currently on national tour

It was nine thirty on Christmas Eve…

Forgive my amateur attempt at theatre review but I saw the stage version of The Woman in Black over the weekend and I feel the need to add my thoughts about the play.
Continue reading

Book Review: The End – Visions of Apocalypse (SFFWorld 2012 Anthology)

I’m reviewing this as a personal favour for one of my favourite blogging buddies, Nila E. White who is part of the forum. Thanks guys for the review copy!

This is the sort of production that is really going to take off with the advent of digital publishing. Previously confined to small circulations in a fairly limited geographical radius, productions such as this anthology should go from strength to strength in the coming years – and about time. So what about this, the first volume from Continue reading