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Do You Have a Muse?

I was talking to an online friend last night about my writing and I happened to mention the rather mixed relationship that I have with my muse. We’re like an old married couple (me and the muse, not my online friend). When we’re strong together we can do anything; I dread the day we decide to take over the world.


Other times though, we feel on the edge of divorce when we go for weeks without talking. At her best she is my rock, my greatest cheerleader though sometimes she is rude and pushy, interrupting me when I am going about my own business. She never lets me finish what I am doing. She’ll even wake me up in the middle of the night and pokes me in the ribs with something sharp.

This she does for my own good of course because you can’t put time constraints on creativity. At her worst she shuts herself away in her room, not responding to my calls for help. On those days I have to use certain tried and tested methods such as brainstorming and free writing.

I think she looks a bit like Audrey Tautou in her tomboy phase. But slightly more elf-like. I also imagine her to have the quirky dress sense of Luna Lovegood.

Do you have a muse that you have anthropomorphised? Have you toyed around with the idea of what she might look like or be like?


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