Useful Websites for Writers: English Stack Exchange

This is a very simple site that means you don’t have to go searching the internet for correct spelling and clarification on grammar and punctuation. English Stackexchange is not a new premise. In fact, it is very similar to the Yahoo! Answers page but obviously it is focussed on getting answers to your English language needs. Plus, you can guarantee you are not going to get any stupid answers, insulting responses that are misspelt or adverts asking if you would like to have your genitalia enlarged by going to a certain website.

The most useful function of the site is the tagging. You can surf through looking for answers to questions that you might already have or if you have an expertise in a certain area of language, you can assist others with their questions. Answers are rated on the quality of the advice and those with more “likes” rise to the top. It is not a discussion site or a messageboard so flame wars are unlikely.

What’s more, it creates a sense of community and encourages good participation by giving you more privileges if you persistently offer succinct and useful answers. Eventually, you could rise to moderator by becoming a highly respected member of the community. I’ve bookmarked this is a useful resource for my proofreading service.

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