Self-Publishing Dilemmas: Frolics with Fonts

So the general consensus was that the still water image was the best option for The Weight of Reason and having spent some time today fiddling around with fonts and colour schemes on each of those images, I am inclined to agree. Seeing that a lot of the standard MS fonts weren’t really suitable, I found a website called Font Squirrel and downloaded four or five that I thought might work. Here then, are five example covers. Each one has the name of the font.

Please tell me what you think!

Colour scheme white or red? I think white but some seem to look better in red. The Aftershok font I have put half the title in white, the other in red because I think that one particularly works. Which colour do you think looks better though? If you prefer red, should it be a darker shade?

Thoughts on the fonts, colour scheme and whether the title or the author name ought to go at the top.

Thanks in advance as ever guys!

2 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Dilemmas: Frolics with Fonts

  1. cjmoseley

    I like the last one, but I’d suggest moving your name down into the darker part of the image (about a third down) and making it slightly bolder/larger. I like the splash of colour, and might suggest a “a short story” or “novelette” tag line to pre-warn your readers that it is not a full novel.

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