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Wrong Word Wednesday #15

Every week I will demonstrate an example of poor English where a different word is used from the one intended. Sometimes this creates a grammatically incorrect sentence. Unfortunately, the mistake is usually so pervasive that we all do it and such errors are usually made by those who should know better – journalists working for national or global media outlets such as newspapers and television


This is more a case of bad English than genuine confusion over word meaning – perhaps it is caused by txt spk? The words sound similar and differ only in the first two letters. Anyway, Facebook profile updates sometimes use the words interchangeably as in “He asked me to marry him and I excepted!” and “See you at 9. We’re all going accept John, who can’t make it” – but they are different.

Except – Exclusion of an element (I agree with you except on the final point)
Accept – A state of consent to receive or an agreement on a premise (I accept your resignation / your apology)

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