Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special – What We Know


In view of the trailers released in the last couple of days I am re-blogging this as a reminder of what we know and what we think we know.

Originally posted on Sweat, Tears and Digital Ink:

Just less than six months away, the episode or episodes that will mark 50 years of the UK’s favourite science fiction show is marked in furious debate, lots of speculation and an unending amount of excitement from fans young and old alike.

Due to an administrative blunder by BBC America, viewers in the USA who pre-ordered their DVDs had them early so were able to see this season’s finale The Name of the Doctor before it aired on either side of the Atlantic. As a reward for not revealing any spoilers, the crew released this “Behind the Scenes” footage.

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2 thoughts on “Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special – What We Know

  1. I think I know that I know I know nothing. There’s been a lot to gleam from the trailers too. The original speculations seem to be holding true but there’s a lot more to ponder like Rose in her bad wolf form. Is that a last ditch effort to stop the Moment or something else entirely?

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