50 Years of Doctor Who

So here it is, one of two official trailers for the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who The Day of the Doctor. It is the highlight of the celebrations but it is not the only thing taking place to mark this amazing celebration. The BBC have a whole host of things lined up. But one thing at a time! First I want to talk about…

The 50th Anniversary Trailer

This second trailer for The Day of the Doctor is far more focussed on showing the on-screen chemistry between Smith and Tennant (which is what I am most keen to see) – the first multiple Doctor story in “New Who”.

0:14 – 0:18. Daleks followed by what looks like Timelords. The heaviest suggestion yet that this story will be set during The Time War? This adds weight to the premise claimed some months ago by John Hurt regarding his role in the story.

0:24. What is that button? I think I know.

0:40. Comparing sonic screwdrivers. It’s probably a euphemism but enough of that, thank you!

1:00. A Zygon! If this is about the Time War, what role are they to play in this?

1:06. Looking back, on a track for a little green bag… Oh no, wait, sorry!

Even in this trailer I think Smith and Tennant are going to play off each other rather well. Two weeks to go until we find out.

What Else is Happening on TV?

On television, we also have Brian Cox presenting The Science of Doctor Who. That is on BBC2 on the 14th (this Thursday). This will be a public science lecture type show as a one off presentation, rather like the Royal Society Christmas lectures – one of which Cox presented a couple of years ago. This should be a lot of fun for the science geeks!

For the real geeks amongst us, the BBC has commissioned fellow sci fi geek and writer Mark Gatiss to write a docudrama about the creation of the show way back in the 1960s. It will feature David Bradley, best known recently for playing Argus Filch in the Harry Potter films and as the almost indecipherable farmer on Hot Fuzz who found the firearms including the old sea mine (image below left).

William Hartnell? Or is it David Bradley?
Gatiss is a lifelong fan of Doctor Who and has proven his media research credentials in the past with a three part “history of horror” also for BBC2. He also penned ghost story Crooked House and had a small cameo in the mini series. He is an accomplished writer and director and I think this is going to be an interesting documentary with some fine acting talent.

Steven Moffat will play Tom Baker, Jessica Raine from Call the Midwife will play Who’s first Producer Verity Lambert. The other Brian Cox plays Syndey Newman, the man responsible for its commissioning in 1963. There is no trailer that I have found, though I think the attendees of Comic Con got to see something earlier in the year. This airs on BBC2 on Thursday 21st, one week after the Brian Cox presentation.

What is Happening Elsewhere?

Excel London will host a three day event over the weekend of the 22nd-24th November. Details are here but it seems the event is already sold out.

There’s a whole host of activities at The Doctor Who Experience on the 23rd too so if you in or around Cardiff Bay, go and take a look!

And finally, selected cinemas around the world will be airing exclusive 3D showings of The Day of the Doctor. You can check for participating cinemas near you here

If you know of any other events, please share!

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