Pressing Ahead with the Ebook

So… that is that as they say. At the weekend, I finally finished the tenth story to go into my ebook collection. It is a little rough around the edges and needs an edit, but basically all short stories to go into the collection are finished. All I need do now is begin the process of piecing it all together – giving one final read through for all of the stories, writing an introduction (possibly one for each story) and thinking about cover art.

I know initially it was due out this time last year but a number of life changes then and continuing into 2013 put a halt to that for some months. I hope to release it before Christmas, but realistically I am thinking about the new year now if I am able to finish the overhaul of Dieu et mon Droit (my novel) before New Year for submission to Angry Robot. Once all of that is out of the way, the world is my lobster as far as the next novel (my as yet untitled novel about Gladiators) are concerned.

So, to complete the decology, here is a short sample from Herrenvolk III: The Twenty-Fives

He saluted Big Ben as he swept past Parliament and reduced his elevation. The building was half the height it used to be and no longer had a clock; this was the only damage to the former government building as the Volks used it for their regional council meetings. He banked slightly to starboard to avoid passing over the river again and swung around so Victoria was on his right and a short distance from there, Hyde Park. He banked to face a WSW direction to pass directly over West Kensington and Kew. From there he would swing back toward Uxbridge which was now the central base of operations for the Air Force. He banked starboard again; his last instruction was to fly low over Hyde Park and then he could return home and get a good night’s sleep.


The sun glowed brilliantly golden as it continued its descent.


‘Eagle’s Nest, this is Eagle One. Radar’s awake, over.’


‘Roger Eagle One. Location? Over.’

‘Seems to be Hyde Park, sir. Over’

‘Let’s hope there’s enough venison to go around the whole base this time and not just for the senior staff this time, pilot. Over.’


Banjo smiled; it probably was a large deer – or several – because that was all it ever was; and it was true that each time a deer was brought in, it was immediately seized by the Officers. Dougie wouldn’t be able to bring it in because he was piloting a fighter but when the transport shuttles did their sorties they always brought back whatever they could.

Pip Pip Pip

Dougie frowned at the unnecessary excitement of the radar. This was the second time he’d experienced the equipment coming to life but because it happened so often, he came to expect it.

He passed low over Hyde Park scanning the scenery on both sides of the plane so spot the inevitable wildlife.

Pip Pip Pip Pip Pip Pip Pip Pip

That’s all for now!

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