Prequel Teaser “The Night of the Doctor”

A rather teasing mini episode featuring a previous Doctor that you might find a little surprising 🙂

This comes with a MINI SPOILER ALERT. It won’t ruin anything, but it does confirm where in the chronology John Hurt’s Doctor appears.



4 thoughts on “Prequel Teaser “The Night of the Doctor”

  1. This was great. Can I say that it was really refreshing to see a new (old) doctor and in a period where time lords are known and despised.. I wish we could have more than that. I think it needed a little fleshing out.

    1. You’d feel that such a pivotal moment needed more than six minutes – I agree. Another four minutes would have made it feel less rushed.

      But still, it was nice to see how Hurt’s Doctor came to be!

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