No doubt not a single one of you has forgotten about tonight. Here is a reminder of what happened way, way back in the spring.

And let’s also take a look at what happened the first time two previous incarnations met (in The Three Doctors, a story that would also feature Hartnell) in the same time stream.

And the last time :)

My review & analysis of The Day Of The Doctor will follow in a couple of days time.

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I began freelance copywriting in November 2012, work that I carried out in my spare time. I love the written word, have always enjoyed writing and in 2013 I took the bold decision to make a career of being a wordsmith.

2 thoughts on “Tonight…

  1. Yeah. It’ll be tomorrow morning for me. It’s on at about 4:50 am but I have to wait for some sod to upload it. So if I’m lucky I can watch it tomorrow.

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