Who Wants a Free ebook?

Before I go giving away free stuff, I have good reason to be doing so. Finally, I unleash upon the world my first ebook collection. It is a collection of short stories going back right to when I started writing short stories regularly and putting my work on Elfwood – so some of these are 15 years old or more. They have been given significant editing and in some cases, new events have been inserted. In one or two cases, I have restored older material that never made it to Elfwood because I felt it was too long. There were some cases where I felt that the work suffered for having cut it down to that extent. Stories are as long as they need to be! The resulting work feels more complete.

2681be80-5e9c-4465-9f72-6d90bc6f0b77So what will you find in this collection?

    • A trio of stories about Nazi Supersoldiers set over a 100 year period
    • A short and intense tale of a vital medical procedure with a bizarre twist
    • The final confession of a man on death row whose killing spree was not quite what it seemed
    • A medieval ghost story for Christmas (who doesn’t like those, right?)
    • An intense discussion over a dinner date on the meaning of “travel”
    • On an alien world a group of hikers find a strange machine with the spirits of creatures trapped inside them

Whether you like science fiction, horror or fantasy you will find something for you. Please check out the collection Herrenvolk and Other Stories. It is just £1.88 or $3.08.

amazon.co.uk | amazon.com | amazon.ca

d8cad402-c82c-4d53-ac4e-bd19ddbb36f6To aid the promotion of this new ebook, for the next five days I am offering my first ebook The Weight of Reason free of charge.

If you haven’t previously purchased the novella I released in the summer of 2013, then now is your chance. For the next five days it will be free to download exclusively on Kindle. What’s more, it has a new cover. I realise that my own effort was awful – after all I am no graphic designer! What do you think of the cover? I really like it – it captures the futuristic-noir feel of the city. We have a Detective, a body and a towering futuristic city. Go and grab it while you can!

amazon.co.uk | amazon.com | amazon.ca

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    Sweat, Tears and Digital Ink offers The Weight of Reason novella free of charge… (with neat new cover art)

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