What’s Ahead in 2014 for Me

Happy New Year!

This isn’t really a “Resolutions” post… Okay, it is but I didn’t want to call it a list of Resolutions because I know how few people actually succeed at their intended goals! But the changes in my working life in the last few months means that I have had to give serious thought to how I am going to proceed in 2014 writing-wise.


  • Complete, or come close to completing, my novel set in 1st century Rome (unimaginatively and tentatively titled: Romans vs Aliens)
  • Enter a short story for the James White Award (competition deadline 31st Jan 2014)
  • Submit Dieu et mon Droit as many times as possible and make appropriate changes if advice is offered

And that’s really it for goals. As for structural changes, I have decided to de-list myself from theindieview.com. I was inundated between early July and the end of August and had to quickly put a moratorium on in September when my backlog was 25 books (I accepted far fewer than I rejected). I have only just cleared them now and I estimate that I gave up on approximately 1/3 of the submissions I accepted. Clearly, as I want to write more as well as my increasing workload, I will no longer have the time to dedicate to reviewing quite so many self-published books. I still offer to read and review self-published work so please do drop me an email if you want your work reviewed.

Long-term goal is to keep growing and finally make a living as a freelance writer.

Wish to share your writing goals here? Go ahead!

Happy New Year everyone!

4 thoughts on “What’s Ahead in 2014 for Me

  1. andfreed

    Sounds like you have come up with some realistic goals without making unrealistic resolutions. Happy New Year and best of luck to you in 2014!

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