Snippet Sunday 12/1/14

Well, I didn’t get very far way back in September 2012 with Six Sentence Sunday *embarrassed blush* when I promised to post six sentences of something every Sunday – here is my second and last post with that category. I remembered the premise last week for some odd reason and promptly went to the website to see how it is doing. Well, as you can see they have actually closed. But I still like the idea and I will do my best to post something every weekend from now on. It will sometimes be six sentences, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter so for the sake of flexibility, I will call it “Snippet Sunday”

Here is my first offering. It is a very short excerpt from my Romans Vs Aliens novel and finally introduces the back story of Seneca – the gladiator who became a Praetorian and this chapter explains how that came to be.

‘My memory is not as good as it once was. Please recount the events of this morning,’ the Emperor said.

Seneca cleared his throat. ‘I was due to fight in the arena – part of the recreation of the Battle of Watling Street. I was part of the legion. The fight had only just got under way when a group of gladiators broke away and attempted to climb into the seating area. This was directly where you were sat, Caesar. I would later come to understand that this was a diversion.’

Vespasian nodded and Titus, who had not been present, looked on in anguish.

‘While a group of Praetorians and the crowd attempted to push them back into the arena, I noticed something strange behind the Emperor’s seat. I thought it strange that two Praetorian guards had appeared from the steps and were making their way toward Caesar. At first I thought they might be there to protect Your Majesty but they were moving too slowly, too cautiously. I felt this was suspicious – that their intent was not to protect Caesar. When they both drew knives I did not hesitate. I leapt into the crowd and raced toward you, sire.’

This novel is fleshing itself out now. More next time!


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