Writer’s Relief – Another Useful Site for You

Back when I was doing the Site of the Week, I eventually ran out of ideas and stopped doing one every single week. I didn’t come across many “places to get your stuff published” web resources and those that were a small part of a larger website. Either that or they were specific to one or two genres. Writer’s Relief is a blog / website dedicated purely to helping you find your market – whether you write fiction, essays or poetry.

It is actually an author submission site, not an editoral or agency service. Yes they charge but there is a lot of useful free stuff on there too. I’ve spent a couple of hours looking around the site after finding it on a Facebook page for writer’s yesterday. Of particular interest are the following pages:

  • Literary Journal List
  • A list of the most popular articles on the site
  • For those who prefer a more visual advice system, there is this video tutorial series

There is also a dedicated blog. I found this particular article quite interesting: What can authors learn from screen writers? seeing as a lot of popular fiction is becoming more like films in structure point 5 on that list is particularly succinct, modern readers want to “see” the world they are being drawn in to and if I am honest, a lot of my work is very visual like that already – it is just the way I have always written.

So, have a play around with the site and see if you can find anything relevant or useful to you.

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