Snippet Sunday 23/2/14

Stepping away from the testosterone-fuelled Roman novel for the time being, I want to post a snippet from another novel I started a few years ago but have barely touched in a while.

There was a flash of light…

…and all at once the sound of thousands of tonnes of glass shattering…
…and the tearing and twisting of metal…
…and suddenly silence.

That was when the panic set in, at the sudden realisation that everything had failed simultaneously; people began to scream.

The silence lasted only a few minutes and was soon replaced with a noise like thunder that started as softly as a spring breeze
…but quickly became a roar…
…and another realisation that they were going to crash…
…and it was a long way down.

But the safety systems would cut in at the right time… wouldn’t they?

This is the moment that all systems fail simultaneously on a space station orbiting a virgin world and suddenly sends the space station crashing to the planet’s surface. The crew is made up largely of military and science teams who had been investigating the only planet outside of our system known to contain life. There is no sentient life though. In the following chapters, the main characters are introduced as they escape from the crashed station and try to meet up with their crews.

Not much else to say about this but I have a few ideas – some of it a little inspired by similar works such as Lost and, of course, Lord of the Flies.

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 23/2/14

  1. Inion N. Mathair

    Loved Lord of the Flies when I was younger, Matt. Mathair gave me the book when I was about ten and I couldn’t put it down. We’re so excited about this snippet and hope that you will be working on it soon. The premise sounds wonderful and the snippet was so action packed and suspenseful.

    1. I have about two chapters written but not sure that if this does take off the ground, whether I will use any of it. I might post some next week, and I have an interesting story that goes with one of the characters.

      Watch this space!

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