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Coming Together – Novel Ideas

This is not so much a blog post as it is an info dump. Feel free to move on because it’s possible it will make sense to nobody but myself come the end!

In the last week I have been thinking long and hard about the nature of the aliens that my Roman gladiators are going to face in the forests of Germania – beyond the frontiers of the Roman Empire. I now have a clear idea for how their respective back stories are and will be relevant to the events in Germania – including how they will prove major obstacles to success of the mission (ah ah ah… spoilers!)

A medieval depiction of a Doppelgänger

With some 20,000 words written, it means I’ve really needed to start thinking about the nature of the aliens and it felt really good for everything to finally begin falling into place and – most importantly – to make sense.

Regarding the aliens, I have looked to Germanic folklore for some answers. I realise that I do not have to stick with actual known folklore. After all, some modern horrors have invented ancient gods and malevolent spirits for the sake of narrative. Not only am I a sci-fi junkie, I am also a history and folklore junkie so I do feel I want to dip into Germanic (and maybe even Roman) folklore to provide some answers. I realise this is pretty vague but I have gained some intriguing ideas looking at the legends behind the Doppelgänger, the Drude and the Nachzehrer. In each case I fully intend to use some suitably trustworthy scholarly sources, but I will probably play fast and loose with some of it… however I want it to have the right suitably Germanic-folklore feel.

Looking forward to putting those research skills to use again. (Ir)regular updates as and when I have the brainwaves


6 thoughts on “Coming Together – Novel Ideas

      1. It gets used a lot because its freaky. Also, there IS a doppelganger of me running around southern California. I’ve been told more than once about her (we are not related). Considering I live in a state of over 40 million people, that’s odd. But I’m sure I’m not the only person this has happened to.

      2. It is actually pretty common – though I have never met mine.

        I do have a funny story though. I was on a trip to Russia for a dig in 2005 and one of our number looked like a very famous Russian pop star – so much so that in the town we stayed, young girls stopped to look at him. When one of the Russian members of the dig got hold of a magazine picture our lecturer’s eyes popped out of his head and (jokingly) said “You’re not going to Moscow tomorrow without a bodyguard”.

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