Book Review: The Keeper of Dreams by Matthew Keefer

I don’t read many collections, I usually have to be in the mood for them and during my brief stint on, I received a couple. They were pretty good quality. Because most indie writers start out writing short stories (myself included) I decided to take this one – one of the last to come through the site. It is a collection of short stories and poems. I don’t usually do poetry either.

The title short story is about a comatose boy who gets to experience what it is like to be Death. It was interesting but was by no means my favourite in the volume. These were:

  • Why Evil Roams – A very short story and a succinct to-the-point parable about the roles of good and evil in the world. It says it far better than any religion ever has or could.
  • The Sentence – A grandmother and her daughter in law dying a slow death in the middle of the Nevada desert. A harrowing tale of a pair convicted of a crime and slowly suffering, a grandmother losing her mind
  • The Tenth Tale – A storyteller recounts the tale of a merchant named Ja’far from an older time in Cairo, a man who learns s valuable lesson and in turn is able to teach others to be far kinder

An interesting mix of tales here – if you like modern parables, poetry or something a little off-beat, quirky or generally unclassifiable as far as genre goes, then you could do a lot worse. Much of what is presented here is also at times, quite surreal.


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