MG Mason

Terror in Two Sentences (micro fiction)


Richard Wiseman blogs and writes mostly about scepticism – I reviewed his book Paramormality early last year. Today’s curious post from his blog had a short story from a Twitter account called @terrifyingposts. It’s just two sentences long. Click here for the original.

Ok, so here is my effort:

I could not stay inside, hungry and thirsty; it is dark and cold and I am alone now because of them – I still don’t know what they are but the others are all dead. There is one behind the car and I can hear that noise they make, a kind of snickering – it’s all I have been able to hear for three nights solid and I am too focussed on getting around that one that I don’t see the piercing red eyes above me… he flaps his wings, I scramble to my feet and start to run.

Hmmm, ok I have cheated a little by using the semicolon and the dash but still, it is just two sentences. In my mind I imagine a human-sized bat-like creature, almost like a flying xenomorph (alien) but maybe lighter in mass and a shorter head.

A challenge then – would anybody else like to write a scary story in two sentences?